Gin Blische


About My Sculpting... When I first began needle felting, I was determined...ambitious and eager to get started. I ran right out to Micheal''s craft store to buy whatever wool and needle supplies they had. It was a meager section, but I didn't care. I remember the first time I felt great felting wool. What a difference! I also remember wanting to make everything at once. I had no discipline. My early pieces were lacking the very thing that I love about my work I can spend forever on an eyeball. I look into the face of my sculpture and feel something. It's looking back at me. No, I'm not crazy...I am passionate about my work. ? I have seen so many amazing artists over the years. I've collected works or followed careers. I had to ask myself very early on what sets me apart. At first, it was hard to answer. I lacked the confidence in my finished work. But now...I see a glint of the future of my designs and I am very excited. I see a common thread in my work that indicates that I have a style that is all my own. I see a signature in the way I finish each piece and I see growth that is in line with the way I feel about my craft. I'm always happy to share the craft. I feel that just like clay, wool is another medium and people can take it as far as they would like. My style is fluid. I let the wool do the work and I work in the moment. It is rare that I sketch before I sculpt though I have tried that method. When I leave to take my shift at our local gallery, my mind is moving a million miles an hour as I prepare my bag for sculpting. I pack all kinds of colors and textures of wool, gauges of wire and needle. I would hate to be caught without a color or tool when my mind actually settles on what I will work on. It can be so frustrating to have an idea and not be able to work on it.



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