Carl Schneider


Carl loves collaborating with Mother Nature to create useful and beautiful objects from wood. As someone said "these objects combine the art of nature and the nature of the artist" After trees are cut down for other reasons their lives are extended by creating objects that people will use, enjoy and last an eternity.
Carl Schneider, Delray Beach, Florida, is a retired electronic engineer. In 1997 after taking a wood-turning class and joining two chapters of the American Association of Wood turners he became a passionate wood-turner. He perfected his skills by attending hands-on workshops with many professional world class wood-turners. He creates many types of pieces, enhancing the natural character of wood and embellishing them with texturing, carving and coloring. He demonstrates and teaches wood-turning at the Palm Beach County Wood-turners workshop and his own studio.
Carl sells many of his turnings and wins awards at art exhibits. Carl has been a member of the Boca Raton Museum of Art Guild and participates at local galleries.



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