Stephanie Pierson-Hutson


I'm Cheerful and Creative, Ambitious, Honest and hard working. Born in the Philippines I arrived here in the U.S. when I was only two years old. I have been a Indiana dweller for all of my years. I majored in Ceramics and Sculpture at John Herron School of Art-Indiana University and Purdue University then made my way to Fishers, Indiana where I began teaching and producing my own work. Between instructing wheel classes for adults and children, managing a ceramics studio and working as a production potter I became obsessed, immersed and in love with all things Ceramic. Finally establishing a brand for myself "Pondscum Ceramics" I began to sell my work locally and participate in Juried Art Shows all across the country. I'm continuing to grow and expand by sharing my love of clay through my Art. Also I'm a Wife, a Mother and Love all fury animals. Most of my POND SCUM pieces begin as wheel thrown vessels. The vessels are altered and appendages are attached to form some creature. Each piece is kiln fired to 2165 degrees, a temperature that helps provide strength to the piece. The finish on each piece is a base coat of acrylic paint with ceramic stains and textured acrylic paint detailing. I prefer using acrylic paint over traditional ceramic glazes because they afford me a much wider range of color which adds to the whimsy of my work. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them.



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