Lesley Reich


I have been a production potter since 1972. I studied with Professor Hui Ka Kwong at Douglass College in 1970. The next year I worked with Janka McClatchey, a well-known potter in Ann Arbor, MI. My early pieces were functional stoneware that I sold at my first craft fair, the Free Art Fair, in 1972.In 1987, after I felt I had perfected my throwing skills, I moved on to porcelain. Using porcelain is a lot like throwing stiff cream cheese. Many of my bowls and vessels are translucent, and they are all trimmed so they are light, thin, and well-balanced, making them a joy to use. By combining jeweltone oxidation (electric fired) glazes and applying them on the pure white porcelain, I achieve unusual, striking combinations.In 2001, I found a way to merge my love of words (I was a journalism major at Douglass) with my love of pottery, and developed a line of wheel thrown bowls, vases, and vessels with hand-lettered inspirational messages.



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