Charles Cobb


Throughout my career as a wood artist, my primary focus has been to create objects that go beyond the traditional look of furniture: to create a functional piece of sculpture out of wood. I am excited and challenged by finding new ways of enhancing my finished designs with the inherent beauty of wood. My initial designs adopted a purely organic approach to furniture design. In the late 1980's I began highlighting the natural edges of the wood or tree in my designs. I was intrigued with taking a natural edged board, or scrap from a local firewood pile, and designing an entire object around it. The use of this natural edge began to impact many of my designs. Since 1987, I have concentrated my conceptual interests in two directions: designing work around a natural edged piece of wood and creating several bodies of themed pieces. My work is both organic and geometric: my ultimate goal has always been to create a unique, beautiful object. Charles B. Cobb lives and works in Northern California and his work is in homes and offices through out the United States, Asia and Europe.

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